psychometric test

These tests are designed by organisations to determine the type of personality you have, the skills and knowledge you have and the ability you fit into the role the organisations is offering.

A psychometric test/measurement uses questions, tests and personality traits to determine what you can offer in an industry/job with regards to knowledge, skills ability and personality. These tests are important as most organisations use this test to screen applicants.

If you are a graduate and you are looking for a job, the chances of you completing one of these tests for a potential employer is extremely high. It is important to always be prepared. Even though you might not know which questions will be asked, you will know how questions are structured. The more practice you have at answering these questions, the better your results.

The following links will link you to websites which specialize in psychometric tests. Please follow the links and see what kinds of questions are asked in these tests.

Psychometric Test