An interview is a meeting of 2 or more people where questions are asked to determine facts.
It consists of an interviewee or many interviewers


The way you dress will give that all important first impression. It is vital that this is a good impression. It could damage your chances of success if you are viewed negatively because of the way you are dressed. If you are not sure what to wear we have added guidelines below.

You should always be neat and tidy. Men and Woman could wear suits. This is the most conservative and safe option you can take. Make sure that you are wearing professional colours, Black, Dark blue and a light coloured shirt. Generally speaking, the more clothes on you, the more professional you are.

Below is a link to outfitters which could help you with affordable clothes to wear for that important interview.

There are many pitfalls as you do not want to come across in the wrong light. You need to show you smart. There are many stereotypes that need to be avoided. Do not wear short skirts or outfits that show off your shoulders and more… Wear light make up and
make sure you are neat. Your nails should look
good and you should smell nice. Do not use too
much jewellery and make sure your handbag is
in good condition.

It is really simple for men. Make sure you wear a suite. Make sure that your socks and shoes match your suit. Wear Plain shirts. I.e. no pictures or patterns on the shirt. Do not wear jewellery. Grooming is important. Facial hair is neat if not shaved. Short neat nails
and hair groomed well are important. A light
deodorant/after shave should be applied.


There are always steps to follow in the interview process:


Always make sure that you have the correct date and time for the interview.
Confirm this with the relevant people.
Make sure you understand what the company does, research the company and the position you applying for.
Write down the contact person’s name so you do not forget it.
Print a map and directions so you do not get lost en route to the interview.
Prepare yourself. Know what is written in your CV.
Switch off your cell phone before the interview.
Make sure it is on before the interview in case they try and get hold of you.
Do not get frustrated if you cannot find parking and never be unruly on the company grounds, you never know who is watching.


Greet everybody that works at the company if the possibility is there. You never know who the interviewer might be. Walk into the interview with confidence.
Chin up, a nice smile, Good eye contact and a firm handshake.
Do not use foul language. Do not laugh excessively. Keep your answers professional.
Do not do all the talking, Listen to what they are asking you for and answer appropriately
Do not get bobbed down with negatives. Make sure you can turn these negatives into positives.
Show interest in the position and communicate this. If there is any information that could add value, NOW would be a great time to say it.
Try to avoid an in depth salary debate, stick to “market related salary”.

Post Interview

Contact the company and ask if they have come to a final decision.
If they have not, ask when they will have made a final decision.

possible questions asked by the interveiwer and questions you as the interviewee can ask.

A few things to remember about any interview. The interviewer would like to get a sense of who you are as a person, what you studied and how you can be of benefit to the organisation. When you are asked yes/no questions by the interviewer, make sure to back it up with relevant examples and reasons if applicable. Always try and make negative attributes positive.

Also remember that the interview is a conversation. If there are things you would like to know you should ask. After the questions have been completed, you should greet and smile. If the interviewer likes you and says you have the job, do not feel under pressure to give them an immediate answer. Make sure that you show interest in the position and appreciate the time taken to interview you. Let them know that you will give them an answer the next day or whenever you are sure. Do not wait too long. This opportunity will not last forever.